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Wood sculptures.
Abstract wood sculpture made from reclaimed urban trees.
The sculptures are inspired by Nature, Dance and Movement.

The underlying theme of my work is that all things are intrinsically connected at their most basic level. A tiny seashell and the Milky Way Galaxy share the same patterns and shapes. These shapes are universal to all organic objects. Plants, animals and human beings are made up of these concave and convex shapes and lines.
I express this idea of interconnectedness by using these universal shapes to create sculptures that have multiple interpretations. I collect pieces of shells, seed pods, odd shapes of wood, bone or stone for inspiration. I also get inspiration from watching dance. These shapes and forms later become ideas for my sculpture. Although I primarily start with a solid log, my sculptures are often mistaken for driftwood or tree root balls but this is merely because I am trying to use the shapes as Nature when I shape a piece of wood.
When I begin a sculpture, I pick a gesture or moment of action. Perhaps a dancer raising her arm, a bird with it’s wings stretched in flight or a perhaps a wisp of smoke, and I try to envision that image in a piece of wood or stone. In my mind I view that movement as a two dimensional line drawing. I then try to recreate those lines in three dimensions in the wood. I see the whole image as a combination of the convex and concave surfaces creating the lines, highlights and shadows of a simple sketch of the movement.
My combination of figures and movement remind many people of the work of Henry Moore and Brancusi’s “Bird in Space”.
Much of the wood I used is reclaimed wood that comes from the city streets of Pittsburgh, PA. The Urban Forest of Pittsburgh has a vast amount of Oak, Sycamore and Maple trees. In addition to using salvaged wood for my sculpture, I use reclaimed lumber and barn beams in my furniture. My furniture styles range from contemporary to rustic to french industrial.

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